The Home of the African Butterfly Hairclip. Established in 2007, the African Butterfly is Patented. Beware of the low quality imitations available on the Internet. They are manufactured in China, are poor quality and carry no guarantees. Our African Butterfly products carry a 12 month guarantee and we have clips with customers that are more then 7 years old.

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Watch this Youtube Video to see how to use the African Butterfly Hair Clip in the different styles


African Butterfly® is probably the
most innovative product ever of its kind






Great African Butterfly StylesGreat African Butterfly Styles


We have several patents, designs and applications for these products throughout the world, so be assured that you have the original beaded hair double clip!!

"The African Butterfly Hair Clips originate from our factory in Johannesburg. Africans hand bead every clip to perfection, each butterfly hair clip is then strenuously tested at two different sites for durability and strength, ensuring that only the very best hair clips leave our door, straight to yours. We are extremely proud of the fact that only about 3 clips per 1 000 are ever returned for exchanges. You can be thus assured, that by investing in a genuine African butterfly® hair clip, you are investing in the best.

Your financial support feeds 160 Africans every day, so from our weavers in South Africa, a huge "Siyabonga" that's "thank you" in English. "Hamba gathle Kaya", "drive home safely", and enjoy your twin African Butterfly hair clips, from all the staff at African Butterfly® Trading Factory, South Africa."

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This comb comes with a one year guarantee because of its Strength, Quality and Durability.

This is a very upmarket product made for the shortest and thinnest of hair as well as the longest and thickest of hair.


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Certificate of origin

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Handbeaded by Africans

Made in South Africa

With over 600 Original African Butterfly Hair Clips to choose from you will find

lovely designs for all ages and all types of hair.

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