Thank you so much for visiting this African Butterfly website,  Richard Gladwin, the principal member of African Butterfly® Trading CC which has been established since 2007 says: Here in South Africa we specialize in manufacturing and exporting innovative hair clips. Our clips are unique in that being hand made they are all very different. They are so durable that they come with a one year guarantee.

These hair clips are very functional as well as comfortable and are designed so that you can tie up your hair elegantly, quickly, and in many different styles;

  • as your moods change,
  • your hair length differs,
  • to suit your hair color or
  • to co-ordinate with your clothing for the day.

Really, this clip ties up your hair in as many different ways as you have limits to your imagination.

African Butterfly Hair Clips are sold in many countries including America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, South Africa and  Namibia.

We pride ourselves in being a leading manufacturer of extremely high quality ladies butterfly hair clips, working on the very cutting edge of new bead designs all the time.

Additionally, every time you purchase an African Butterfly® product, you are helping to alleviate unemployment and poverty in South Africa. From a very small beginning 5 years ago, with only 2 clip weavers, you now presently support at least 120 people who rely on you individuals and companies to continuously purchasing our product. A big ‘thank you’ to all, who have supported us during this time of enormous growth!

A word of warning to possible copycats:
We have a number of patents registered, one of which is: PZTZA 2004/000068, as well as registered designs for the shape of the layout of the beads fitted to the back of the clip. As the ONLY registered patent holders of these designs, worldwide, we would like to take this opportunity to warn all possible manufacturers, wholesalers, store-keepers, and potential buyers of clips similar to the clips pictured in this website, to look out for the patent numbers on the back of the clip you may be purchasing. In the event that your clip has no patent numbers on the back, and looks similar to the "African Butterfly®", as pictured in this website, you are possibly opening yourself to civil prosecution, as you will not be in possession of a genuine product, and thus, risk the possibility of having the police entering and raiding your premises, resulting in your product being confiscated.

These clips are fantastic for "Scuba Diving', the 'Dalena' range 'African Butterfly®' hair clips, are not only smart and sexy, but also water resistant. As the beads in this range are not wooden. Ladies with long hair, can, instead of braiding their hair, to keep out of their faces, while diving, can instantly tie up their with a 'Dalena'.

You no longer will have to say, "The viz was so bad, or, I saw only a few fish, because of my hair" These butterfly hair clips are so comfortable, you won't even know you are wearing one.

In fact, our clips are used in very many sport sorts, because of their interlocking capabilities, you can use the clips for 'Ballet', 'Ballroom dancing', "Water Polo", "Gymnastics", "Horse riding", "Soft Ball', "Tennis", "Golf", "Athletics", "Cricket", "Soccer", "Racing", "Cycling, 'Motor Racing", "Sleeping", "Synchronized swimming", 'Marathon Running", "Hockey", "La Crosse", ''Basketball", "Volley Ball", "Beach Volley Ball", "Surfing", "Badminton', "Weight Lifting', "Aerobics", "The Tread Mill", "Canoeing", 'Sky Diving", all "Water Sports", 'Equestrian activities", many other sporting activities.

As light as a butterfly, you won't even know you are wearing a hair clip.

Also, our hair clips are used for keeping your hair neat, tidy, and "out of the water" when its important, making you, smart, sassy and sexy, as when going to visit "Health Spas", "Beauty Salons", for a full 'Body massage", and so on.

Many ladies use our clips to keep their hair neat while sleeping. Elastic bands cause split ends, an "African Butterfly" helps protect hair and cushion friction, thus helping to avoid split ends, bad hair days, assisting you to grow your hair longer and stronger.

The best of all is, because our clips aren't made of metal, you can use them for many many sporting activities, they are light, they cant rust, have no tin, mercury, or lead. It is good to know that the African Butterfly Hair Clip Range is lead, mercury and tin free.

Additionally, most women these days are sick and tired of the "Made to chuck" cheap junk imports. With economic conditions as they are, who wants to keep squandering hard earned money repetitively buying the same looking piece of junk, that breaks a tine on the first day. And has elastic bands designed to hold only the lightest of hair. Our elastic bands, made here in South Africa have a tensile strength of more than 30 Kgs, or 65 pounds. This is an incredible statistic for the "Hair or Beauty industry". Of course this is only one of the reasons our clips last so long.

The "African Butterfly® Hair Clip", is the ONLY hair clip in the whole world that can be described synonymously, in terms of product, with other words like, "Long Lasting, "Durable", "Excellent Quality", "I have had mine for 4 years, and still wear it often", " I lost my clip in the "Lunging ring", many horses trod on it, I found it a year later, through the winter snow it waited, and look, it still works", " I had a car accident", "I forgot, and swam in the sea, it stayed in", "It landed in the road, a car drove over it, only two beads broke, but, the clip still works" etc. Many many women all over the world say the same thing. "If you want a high quality, very good looking, reputable, extremely durable, hair clip that lasts and lasts, even with a bit of abuse, there is only one clip you should buy, "African Butterfly®". From that day forward, you can; "JUST WEAR IT"

The question really is.

How many manufacturers can brag about their product like we do?

And of course, how long do folks really, really, want to keep buying junk, when there is the "African Butterfly®",

And, where were all the copy cats before "African Butterfly®" was invented. Please don't be fooled by the low quality products out there.

For those of you who have and use our clips, a big thank you. For those of you thinking about it, just do a search, on the name, we have worldwide distribution, positive active folks, marketing our products, because they know it is a brand you can be proud to market, and also know, you can be confident to wear.

Eleven years and growing. The best in the West, East, North and South.

"African Butterfly®", "JUST WEAR IT"

Richard Gladwin,
African Butterfly,
South Africa.

Any queries regarding the patents can be forwarded to Richard Gladwin, e mail: