African Butterfly Client Testimonials


I have used my African Butterfly constantly for 6 years and it is still as good as new. Mel, UK

1) The African Butterfly hair clips are absolutely the best, I was swimming in the ocean, when I came up to my towel, I realized my clip was gone, after a bit of searching, I realized it was still in my hair. Lenny L

2) I lost my African Butterfly hair clip in my lunging ring, in Alberta Canada, after two years of winter snow, and two summers of horse lunging, it finally emerged, out of the sod, a quick cleanup, and all was well with my clip. Moira Bell

3) I have been wearing my clip for 4 years, and its still going strong, its the best hair clip ever. Anita van den Berg

4) I sleep with my clip every night, it stops my hair from rubbing against the pillows, and causing split hairs. My hair has never been so long ever. Thank you , African Butterfly. J.L

5) If you want to own something that truly lasts and lasts, get an African Butterfly hair clip, no more buy to chuck. Sammy C.

6) I do Ballet classes, the African Butterfly hair clip, is the only hair clip I have ever owned that stays in throughout my practice sessions.

7) Who wants to plat their hair, when Scuba diving, it wastes time, just wear an African Butterfly clip, its just 1, 2, 3, and your hair is done. J.C

8) If my hair is a horrible mess, I have to attend a meeting, all I do is wear my hair clip, and, my hair is neat in a jiffy.

9) I am a cage rider, African Butterfly stays in for the entire session, it has never fallen out, viva African Butterfly. Margaret Steward.

10) The one thing I own in my house that is child and husband proof is my African Butterfly Hairclip. Oh, it also does my hair up in a jiffy.