African Butterfly Hair Clips have Trade Marks and Patents associated with their construction.

The words 'African Butterfly' are the Trade Mark owned by the manufacturers of African Butterfly Hair Clips in South Africa.  Companies that use the words 'African Butterfly' in their descriptions of their own low quality copies of the Patented African Butterfly products are in breach of the companies Trade Marks. Please do not support any company describing their products as African Butterfly Style products as they are in breach of intellectual property and manufacture a lower quality product in China that carries no warranties and which we have experience in knowing that they do not last very long before breaking.


These are the Patent Numbers:

PCT 2004/000068. PCT2007/06828. PCT06/000126.

USA 29/213,270 -29/213,269 -29/213,268 CA108,364 AUS- 300818 -300817 -300820 EP 000228036 EU000228036-0001/2/3.

ZA A2004/0340 - A2004/0341- A2004/0342 - A2004/0542 -/3 AND 4 / A2004/0544 / A2004/1134 - A2004/1135 - A2004/1136- A2004/1137- A2005/0324

- A2005/1624 -29/213,268 -29/213,269-29/213,270-108,364-300818-300817-300820-000228036


Please help us protect our intellectual property by reporting any breach of trade marks or patents to


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